La Marzocco Linea Espresso Machine:$6,000
Generator with cord: approx.$3,000
Commercial under-the-counter refrigerator:$1,577
Bunn ICB Twin Brewer:$1,275
Square Register:$1,000
Bunn 3G Bulk Grinder:$825
Espresso Grinder$800
Commercial Microwave:$250
Commercial blender:$238
Water filtration system:$200
ServSafe Manager Training and testing:$153
Breville Milk Frother:$150
Heavy duty platform step:$80
Fire extinguisher:$64
Urn for hot water:  Purchased!$50
Stir-n-plug sticks  Purchased!$50
cup sleeves$46
16 oz hot cups$42
Health Permit for Mobile Vendor:$40
Large Vehicle First Aid Kit$38
12 oz hot cups (1,000)$37
Creamers (reg, french vanilla, hazelnut)$37
16 oz cold cups (200, need 400)$25
hot cup lids$24
Vanilla Bean Frappe Mix 3.5 lbs$18
Mocha Blended Coffee Mix 3.5lbs$18
Espresso Blended Ice Coffee Mix 3.5lbs$18
cold cup lids (200, need 400)$10
Flavoring Syrup (need 3)  Purchased!$6
Total Estimated Cost$16,099

The coffee trailer is important to our strategic plan because it allows youth with disabilities to take the skills and confidence they are gaining through the school coffee businesses, to large events where they can interact with community members. Thanks to a $19,300 grant from the Ashland, Hanover, and Mechanicsville Rotary Clubs, we have the coffee trailer.  Now we are counting on community organizations and local businesses to help us get the coffee trailer ready for the 35,000+ attendants at the Hanover Tomato Festival on Saturday, July 13th (and other events in our community).  Your donation will help us stock the trailer, and in return, we will put your business name and/or logo on our "Wall of Thanks" on the back of the trailer.  Your logo will remain there for the life of the trailer, and once we get our physical coffee shop, it will be on that Wall of Thanks as well. We will take photos of our youth "baristas" using your purchase, and we will share those photos on social media.

Your business/organization is known for its commitment to our community, and we want to let you know about this opportunity to make an immediate impact by helping youth with disabilities have greater chances for meaningful employment and self-determined life after high school and beyond.

See below for the list of things we need to buy!  Go to the online donation form by clicking here.

Send an image file of your logo to You can also send a name and it will appear as text.

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